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  1. i mean posting people flicks online... on your crew made promo website,,,, isnt really snitching i guess .
  2. did you learn that from lee and wildstyle . keep spitting knowledge dogski
  3. thats the plan make sure you give them all the right I P addresses off omnimix brahhh
  4. they line side streets.. you damn kids just stop writing on my trsh can ok its high grade plastic
  5. no shit you forgot trash cans behind houses also i seen you up on dem
  6. look at those fools hoer and crik did you really paint on someones garage that shit is played out leave the houses ,apartments ,and garages alone this is cleveland step your game up kid
  7. lost deys old school and thaat hoer perch and keze
  8. you painted for what 2 months put up a bunch of bad tags and hollows got caught and made a fool of yourself in the paper ....... yeah im trying to see some keze shit problem with that ? and YOU DONT HIT TRAINS ..... really though really though
  9. im trying to see some new keze shit where it at wtf
  10. making them houses and garages look like new york city hot damn
  11. check out the crow shout out near the end hahahahhaa
  12. those were the days ... before 12 oz
  13. bsa for the win runnin cleveland's westide hard as fuck
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