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  1. okay i see how it is bojangles, cuttin shit outta that panorama. THIS IS BEEF DOE
  2. Where can I get these free Reeboks that everyone is talking about?
  3. yes, you. NAHIMJUSPLAYIN bump that rila and my dude hoer.
  4. i realize im clogging this thread with non-graffiti related things, so to make up for that i have this:
  5. so we have the following: a dollar maybe $2-3 more in change. pills that appear to be advil and tylenol, respectively two sharpies two almost completely smoked cigarettes a small television that looks to be circa 1992 a hunting knife some dirt-brown weed twigs? stems? who knows. a squirt gun cinci hat i used to have those shoes delicious wendy's bbq sauce quik color! empty kobra bottles (a part of any balanced breakfast) genny!! a flask. what's inside? whiskey? wine coolers you poured out at the store down the street? the shattered pieces of a former self? honestly your photo made me laugh, i'm glad that there are people on this site with a sense of humor. i will be here watching from the sidelines drawing in my school notebooks, paying $9/can for montana gold at the local art store and visiting grandma on the weekends. i love the internet. good evening to you all. edit: are those jellybeans i see? double edit: no, they're caps. it'd be better if they were jellybeans.
  6. that looks like an A or an R, definitely not a P though...
  7. do you have any photos of actual graffiti you've done? honestly, i'm curious.
  8. would really like to see some JURNE sketches or books. dude is a mad scientist!!!
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