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Lord of The Rings

Guest willy.wonka

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Guest willy.wonka

i left with my family;who are all comedians.....

some people sleep on good movies and i must say,"this movie may have cut the line of perfection and stretched it...

its not the "Hobbit",its even better....little men with hairy feet go out to find themselves in a adventure they did not wish for.Gandolf!!!

this movie will take you to the forbidden past...it will show you the history "long forgotten" in the hobbit's world...

there is just one thing about the movie that will put a kink to your wonders and facination to a good movie....all i could say was,"Whaaaat?!"......in fact the whole movie theater said the same thing when they saw it....hope you enjoy...


good special effects,,,not too much computer bs going on in this movie..

everybody played thier part perfectly...and they have good weed in this movie!!!Gandolf!!!!!


merry Christmas!!!

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

LOTR fucking killed. Screw Harry fricken Potter.


Gollum is the shit!


myyyyyyy precioussssss!


Legolas is dope too, he can run over the snow and hit orcs in the head from miles away. best movie ive seen since i can even remember. Gemli was tight, but they shouldnt have cut out some parts, like the whole forest section with Tom

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