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WW & Albert Pike

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Here's a photo of a man called Albert Pike:



Some of yaz may know this fella...


Look at his dress-up. 33 Degree Mason (thats the triangle) Double headed birds (the Phoenix). Why is this man important?


Well, he was the first creator of the Klu Klux Klan, and the starter of other 'Orders'.


Why is this man important today? Because his influence has echoed through until today. Albert Pike wrote up a plan for world domination, using World War.


'The First World War will be will Russia.'

'The Second World War will be with Germany'

'The Third World War will be with the Middle East.'

(Simplified... Here's his own words:



Here's what's recently happened near Guam:



The US military was silent about the mid-air confrontation but the Russians were happy to boast about it.


Last month RAF Tornado fighters were twice forced to scramble after Tu-95 bombers flew close to British airspace.


Beware, and take care.

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hey noewhan i don't know if you got the memo but we've already had a first world war and Russia was on our side until they had a communist revolution and the 'Allies' betrayed the Russian people and invaded their country.

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i also find it really funny that the word "nazism" in a direct quotation of this 'letter' when Hitler ahdn;t even been born and national socialism was conceived about 60 years after the 'letter' was written.


(edit i just read the explanation of htis on the page, i guess we should just take this completely unsourced and unfounded claim that the illuminati invented Nazism more than 60 years before the Nazi party was fromed as a valid explanation...)


also if you'll read the start of that page it even admits that there's no proof the so called letter ever existed!

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