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I'm gonna get this started off right. This is for streaks, hobo monikers, hands, shit done with paint sticks, oil bars , anything like that, by hobos and/or writers. Show em if you got em!:D Keep it ongoing. Doesn't matter where they are from. I'm doing this because there is no other thread that I know of like this. The bmore bench streaks thread has some good shit but there were people complaining that it had too many graffiti writer handstyles, blah blah blah, SO that's why I'm doing this. It's all encompassing. :D :) :p














they call me the workin man, guess that's what i am...

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im only pulling your card because you make it painfully obvious what your fake graf name is anyway. dont make a fucking bullshit post of what you caught in a few trips to the yard then sprinkle it with your fucking bullshit streaks. youre not fooling anyone. to find out what crosseyedmary's graf name is, find the one tag in his posts that youve never seen in real life.. . youre walking on thin ice even being on those spots. just hope you dont bump into anyone when youre in there.

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Heres the thing 27 snitched on his 2 best friends .. hes going around the country to paint with anyone he can to boost his credit and try to make sure people dont know about his past. hes getting lined out in new york for doing an interview with the villiage voice saying hes never been caught and only been writing for 3-4 years. he used to write something else since 98-99. Liar and snitch .... rest in pain!

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