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these hoes be tripin


do you wanna know why these hoes be tripin  

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read and feel:


she burns at an impossible measure/ hurdling towards the face of god/

blood on the knees of forever/ I stare.... just watch in awe/ this is

love in autumn/ trust the blazing star if you got em/ the day to remember

when you lose her all/ when you lose her awe/ the night she lost her bra/

a black fashioned crank replaced with blood and hormones/ this just might

be the beat of a storm of one/ loving the heat from this desperate mans gun/

taking his last stand/ feet dug in the hurt/ waiting for sunset to give back

hurt for all its worth/ take this love/ take it all love/ take god into

consideration and never be my judge/

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If you wanna here the story vote for it


"Hear" as is to listen


"Here" as in immediate proximity to oneself




Christ almighty



Edit: i changed my mind. Your story will no doubt rape the english language

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Somegirl told me that next time we meet we gotta bone.


Im like sure right on!



I see her she glances at me smiles and goes to her aprtment, I stop by to say Hi

nothing happend so i tried to at least get a kiss...she resisted

so i leave no hard feelings .... she looked like she was luaghing about the situation too....


Like five mintues ago:


Her friend comes up to me pissed as hell talking bout leave her alone im big time stalker...WTF?

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Why do i get the feeling we didn't get the whole story.



"yeah man, like, i took my dick out as soon as we got in da place and i'm all like damn girl you must wanna fuck but she screamed and I said aye you ain;t never seen one so big before? So she's all screaming while I'm holding her down n shit naw mean? and like....."



you get the idea

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