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Don't Call it Frisco


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phaze? really? That is the biggest phone bite ever.

Phone from VA? Phaze has been painting with that style since '99 or so... has Phone been writing that long? That's a serious question, because I'd never heard of Phone until recently.

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Phone from VA has been painting since like '95 do your homework


That's why I asked. SF writers often don't give much of a shit what's going on in Oakland let alone the East Coast. And you expect us to have knowledge of Phone from VA? Get real. I give Phone respect, but I haven't read the autobiography yet... my bad. :D


Also I said that Phaze has been painting that style since '99, but that's a moot point.

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Naw man, he's just doing a 'cover' of that Phone piece. :lol:


Wow... OK, so I guess I didn't realize how bad that "P" was. Overall Phaze's letters don't look much like Phone's, so that's what I was going by. That P is pretty shameless though.


And yes, dude's been painting for at least 10 years if not since '99. I used to see Phaze running on 101 in Mateo county and on Golden West freights back then. I don't even know Phaze, so I could care less.

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