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  1. protip: flick sports and you will learn to anticipate body movement/placement
  2. i have shot a pocket pns exclusively for the last year (s95 ftw)...dof is what it is, but i suppose i could do it in ps with some masking. i would prob dodge n burn some things too. i have learned timing and body mechanics. at this stage in my photography i choose shots better than i used to. for ex this lapse... i snapped at two moments that i deemed important and caught two ringside pros side by side both flicking/flashing in seq. frames (they each chose alternate moments while i chose them both). nothing beats practice.
  3. indexology, periodicity, synchronicity. the last sequence of bloodwizard rider jack given was taken exactly two years apart.
  4. after all of the static graff... i've been obcessed with capturing motion recently
  5. the complex toolbar, chinese bots, and login problems destroyed this thread. i am still doing my thang daily
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