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I love how all you guys (especially King angry orphan) love to shit all over kids coming up, as you once were (and in many cases, still are). Now I know that you are a king angry orphan and you have a sik style no one can touch but maybe it would pay to just keep your mouth shut sometimes. I read that cute little comment about the KEM5 and KEM1 in the VA forum, I must say, you are an Einstien! If you didn't catch it, go check it out, its great.


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HAHAHA....well you might as well post the rest of em....






^^^^ haha my all time favorite...

at least i had style comin up homey, "skills not imprinted, admit it you had to suck first"... and when i was i wasn't on here postin it like it was good.... and what does the va thread have to do with the baltimore one, when a name is already taken by a king of sorts you might as well know.... everybody in here seems to think so talkin bout the homey... i never reffer to myself as king either.. im not that self absorbed as many of you are... hah..

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