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12oz cribs november 2003

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wait hold on.. is that corner window next to your bed? so people can look directly in taht window and catch a glimpse of your foot/head pressed against the window? or possibly get the right angle up the blanket and see your junk? im not seeing the purpose behind it.. is it to look at the ground?



EDIT* i just took a second glance.. i thought the bed was directly level with the window at its lowest point. nevermind.. now that i think about it, its kind of neat.

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Originally posted by caL

any of you do that Feng Shui :confused:


...yea, I smoked some of that shit once...



































..ha...get it?

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my messy apartment. I'm bored, SNL isnt on yet, and my pizza hasnt arrived, so here you go. my halogen bulb went out tonight so the livingroom looks incredibly dark. gotta pick up a new one tommorow.



diningroom as seen from my couch.



hallway to my bedroom/bathroom/front door



the dark livingroom






bathroom. evil motherfuckers didnt put a medicine cabinet in. gotta leave everything on the counter.



batch of prints for xmas gifts on my dining table



where the "magic" happens

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