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space base

How to Feild Dress a White Tail Deer.

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The first cuts: remove a buck's penis and scrotum.


Make a deep circular cut around a deer's rectum.


Some hunters pull out the rectum and tie it off with rope.


Working from the rear up to the brisket, begin to cut open a deer.


Say you're right-handed. Use your left hand to guide the blade and hold down the paunch, intestines and organs so you don't pierce them. Be careful not to clip your fingers!


Carefully remove a deer's bladder. Don't let any urine spill on hams.

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

Part 2



Reach inside the lower body cavity, pull out the rectum and remove it.


Roll the deer onto one side. Lift the ribcage and sever the tissue that holds the organs and intestines in place.


Roll the buck onto the other side and do the same thing.


Reach inside the body cavity and around the paunch and make sure all the tissue is cut away from the backbone.


Pull out all the innards. Save the liver and heart if you like.


Reach as far up into the brisket as possible...


and cut out the windpipe.


The inside of your buck should look neat and clean like this! On the drag out try not to soil the body cavity with dirt and leaves.

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hhmm, this reminds me, i read somewhere how to skin a deer using a golfball, a peice of rope, and a vehicle but specifically i don't remember how. gross.

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Guest rob deer

so my friends uncle tells me the best fuck he ever had was to stick his penis in the bullet hole. now I'm changed. fuck wisconsin white trash.

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I remember watching my uncles skin the fuck out of this buck once. They tied the legs to an ATV and the skin the the hitch of the truck and proceeded to pull the skin right off the fuckin thing. That had to be one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in my life...

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Not a big hunter, but


I have dressed a couple of smallish Texas whitetails in my day. Things they forget to mention:


1.) WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. Do not get any more blood on you than you cannot avoid.


2.) Ticks and other insects.

When you kill an animal that has parasites like ticks, as the carcass cools, the ticks decide to look for a new mammal host--- you. Gross. Deers live in the wild. They have a shitload of ticks.


3.) The musk glands stink like shit. Be very careful not to nick one when you are skinning the lower back legs, or you will ruin the entire carcass. Don't puncture the intestines or urinary bladder either, for the same reason. If the deer was hit in the guts, you are going to have almost as unpleasant a day as the deer had.


4.) Find a suitable tree. Make the heel cuts for the spreader, rig the hoist. DIG THE HOLE FOR THE GUTS. Hoist the carcass, then start field dressing. I once forgot to dig the hole first. What a fucking mess.


5.) The hide and horns, etc. are very useful for making Rendezvous buckskin clothing, bags, moccassins, leggins, etc. My sister shot her first deer when she was 42 with a black-powder muzzle loading rifle. She dressed it herself, quartered it with a saw and a tomahawk and packed the meat out herself on a packboard that she had made herself. She butchered it, and froze most of the meat wrapped in butcher paper. She made an Indian-style deerskin dress out of that hide and a couple of other hides she got from other hunters, which she brain-tanned with the deer's brains, and stretched, scraped and tanned the hides herself. The deerskin is as soft as velvet, and sort of a off-white tan color.


She's quite a character. She's licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Texas, and her choice of pistol is a single-action Army Colt's revolver in .45 Long Colt caliber with a 4-1/2" barrel and a bird's head grip.

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Originally posted by space base

!Coming sometime soon!...

Skinning and Butchering!.......

I completely forgot about this thread. Thanx for bumping it. Im too lazy to post the the other instructions and pictures though.

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