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IRREVERSABLE: Time destroys everything

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Anyone else see this movie? It was really fucked up and I've met people who have had real bad reactions at how pointless and meaningless it was but I was really affected by it. So many people looked at it as nothing but a horrible movie based around violence and rape and pain, which it was but there was more to it than just horrifying imagery etc. The movie really affected me in the way at how I look at myself as a male, and the way my mind works around sex and how I think of sex. Seeing how a rape victim's life leads up to her rape and seeing how unexpected and spontanious that incident was makes me identify with how much sex is mistreated and undereducated. Men see it meerly as a way to get off and make themselves feel good and is sex really that necessary or essential, especially when its at the cost of a woman's life. Seeing it backwards as it is presented in the movie helps display this idea through a horrifying image of the rape and violence around the revenge of the rape and then moving on to show you the life before and how things led up to the incident. I dunno I have a feeling this thread is just gunna get ignored and thrown out there into archive oblivion if there even is one, but I'm hoping someone will have atleast seen the movie or go see the movie. Life sucks... die

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rape is not about sexual fulfillment


it is about dominance, power, abuse, and violence


a rapist has a mental connection between dominance and power, and sex..obviously that is a severely misguided view..


i hope people don't need a movie to show them that the complete objectification of women as sex objects is wrong, that rape is wrong, that sexual fulfillment at the excpense of a life is wrong..




may i suggest instead "in the company of men"


about 2 male friends who make a game out of seducing a woman..both are succesful, except one makes the mistake of falling for her..the situation gets volatile...


greatgreat flick about male v female viewpoints/etc

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