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  1. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD right. thats just what we need. you in this thread making more wack shit
  2. http://msxml.excite.com/excite/ws/results/Web/how%20do%20i%20make%20krink!3F/1/0/0/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true
  3. http://www.excite.com/ I'm on a nostalgia kick now
  4. I probably finished biting every flick off of art crimes and excite searched "graffiti, bombing, saber"
  5. Oh and how the fuck did my name change from ¿EL GRINGO? k thanks bye
  6. OCT 2001. wish i could find my first account but it looks like its been deleted :( TITS!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eJgOa5ZGKg&mode=related&search= aqua teen gets me everytime
  8. Wow, thank you for the enlightenment. Those characters and colors are nutty as fuck. Wheres he/she coming from?
  9. ooooo! oooooo! I wanna be on the petition
  10. Nah dude, its official; That shit is straight GARBAGE... MLT- you just straight fucked up the wall on the side of your house, Moms gunna be pissed. Bump for dissing this kid til he cries
  11. "Look ma, I semenated on my piece"
  12. excuse me... tagger :rolleyes: sheesh I almost came of toyish
  13. I heard picking your nose and eating it makes you a dope graffiti artist
  14. Four-Five-Six as I know it, or Ceelo (for all you raw mother fuckers) Players place their bets against a banker who covers them. The banker rolls the three dice first. The banker wins all bets if he throws three of a kind, any pair and a 6, or 4-5-6. The banker loses all bets if he throws any pair and a 1, or 1-2-3. If the banker throws a pair and any number other than a 1 or 6 then each of the players in turn throws the three dice. As before the player wins if they throw, any pair and a 1, or 1-2-3. The player loses if they throw three of a kind, any pair and a 6, or 4-5-6. If a player throws a pair and any number other than a 1 or 6 then the number thrown with the pair becomes the point number. If the player's point number is higher than the point number thrown by the banker the player wins, even if the pair is of a lower value than the banker's. If both point numbers are the same then it is tied and no one wins or loses any stakes. All other combinations other than the ones described are meaningless and both the player and the banker, in their turn, continues to roll the dice until a meaningful combination comes up. The first banker is decided by a preliminary round in which all the players roll the dice, the player with the most fours becoming the bank. If players tie then they throw again until a decision is made. Stakes must be made in multiples of three units. This is because players who have thrown a point settle the bet according to the difference between their point and the bankers. For a point difference of one, one third of the stake is won or lost. For a difference of two, two thirds, and for a difference of three the whole stake. The banker changes when a player beats their point. The bank rotates at the end of the round.
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