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SECRET...Whered she go??

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Guest sneak
whole "first" banning scandals


haha, *sigh* the good ol days...

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Originally posted by Secret

You don't have email or private message on your profile, but I do. So if you had something personal to say, you could of emailed me.


First, Mamerro is my boy por vida. We've been friends before I met anybody on here, and even way before I picked up my first can of spray paint. For you to show disrespect to a really good friend of me just really disgusts me.


It's great that you think you're some wonderful person that has changed for the better. It's fucking great that I'm suddenly "forgiven" and now you think I'm some really nice girl. But what the hell am I forgiven for? I never did shit to you. Just because you want to be cool it doesn't mean that I do. It's been a really long time. Don't bother responding to this. Just move on.


"forgiven"? HA that word is not in my vocaublulary, and i didnt even use it or even conjure up the idea of it. i was mearly wondering what happened to you. now i know. nothings changed, except maybe you paint with "higher profile" writers and are cleaner (graffiti wise) than you used to be.


good to hear that ol' chuey was correct as usual! haha.

stay how you are.


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Guest willy.wonka

i heard that she's in hawaii..sippin on a softy on the beach.

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Originally posted by mr_president

:lol: what a loser... which one of her bitches are you??? haha


Originally posted by Jello Biafra

Aren't you that kid that said 12oz was your social life? The only loser around here is you. Vizie biting toy.


This is the part where Jello's telling the truth.

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