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  1. "forgiven"? HA that word is not in my vocaublulary, and i didnt even use it or even conjure up the idea of it. i was mearly wondering what happened to you. now i know. nothings changed, except maybe you paint with "higher profile" writers and are cleaner (graffiti wise) than you used to be. good to hear that ol' chuey was correct as usual! haha. stay how you are. :lol:
  2. Cashmere and rainy nights rock my world. If I just had an asian girl and some oc I'd be even more happy. But this Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Cream soda is swell.
  3. cool, she intro'd you. great. all i was saying is that YOU KNOW my view towards her was not a bad one, and I know YOUR view towards her was not a bad one. In fact, if memory serves me right, we had a rewally good conversation about her. Anyways, the phonesex thing was a drugged up joke, but I have had phone sex with lotsa fuckin girls off 12oz. BACK like two years ago...but that shit was a joke. This thread was just like, shit Secret used to drop all sortsa witty remarks on marks all the time and now shes gone. But all good things must come to an end at some point I guess. Oc, ImTooKooL.
  4. mammeroid you can suck my dick you fuckass...we talked solo on IM and you know i honestly had a heart change towards her, so fuck you. just because you intro'd her to 12oz and you met her before i did dont think you are better than me, because you are anything but. oc, imtookool.
  5. secret never played me...she did tell me that you were a noname eminem wanabe hack somewhere down in texas...so if im ever in your neighborhood, remind me to kick your wigger ass.
  6. fuck. im gettin all nostalgic. i miss secret!
  7. secret's no hoodrat. i know i talked shit about her years back, but that was because i was younger, dumber and jealous about some stupid shit. shes seriously one of the nicest coolest best smelling girls ive ever met in my life. plus, before all the drama, we had some good times. so fuck you talkin shit about her.
  8. i always thought her letters were good. still have some sketchpages crushed by her with pretty pink hearts and shit. reminded me about hikes to walgreens for odwalla and my first thai food experience. heard from chue that shes doin good though, so thats cool. wordyword.
  9. I was looking through my photo albums today and found some old Secret pictures. Brought back memories. some good, some bad...but the question is: where is she? Hope shes still rockin out.
  10. yo dude...im not gonna be online much anymore, but i am comin out to your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks.
  11. smoke a bunch of angel dust and go menendez on em. then you wont even have a curfew anymore.
  12. the postal service sucks. they try wayyyy too hard to be cool, but the whiny bullshit puts em in the gay ranks with saves the gay and taking back sungay. fuckin weak ass shit. save your cash. or your effort on boosting...dont get any of those cd's. pickup: ADULT JUCIFER or ANYTHING by the FAINT. (they have a few spinoffs, but I'll let you do the hunting.)
  13. mannnnnnn ft collins sucks. but ill be there. fo sheezle.
  14. you must tell me of the JUCIFER show. ehh its probably on their website. im just lazy.
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