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Guest monty burns

uk wall flixs

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Re: eh?


Originally posted by SIVE

whose that with Cor ? its not all his is it???


yea mate, its all cor......dont know why he done that little random bit though, took him about 3 weeks to finish it as always :lol:

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Originally posted by printscreen



'We All Die Alone' :(


oh man i have to watch Donnie Darko now... (for about the six-thousandth time)...


great posting printscreen.

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Sorry for barging in, but this seemed the best place to post this without it vanishing down to thread hell...



This is a long shot but here goes...


During the late 80s and early 90s I used to trade flix just like everyone else but in the mid 90s I got busted and the Police took everything I had and because I was convicted I never got anything back. I'm trying to find photographs of my own work so if you have any flix by me in your old collections please email me at: iamsime@yahoo.co.uk


I was writing Sime, Syme or Sighm and I was in the crews MCE, FYS and BHS. I also used to do a black & white fanzine called Maximum Overdrive. If u have any flix by me, please let me know as I'd love to get my collection back together. If any old schoolers can remember me then drop me a line anyway.


*please note, I'm the old Sime from Sunderland in the North East of England. I've now found out there are three other Simes (1 in US, 1 in London and 1 in Germany) but they aint me


here's hoping....

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RAH! that solo is frizzesh, i think the vaze says VAER on purpose and also big up the WSR flicks too much styles... trains on the brains ARRRGH!

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