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  1. oysterboy


    Since it's a Graphotism thing I presume some kind soul who's acquired it will make a copy and share the wealth, torrent style!
  2. I believe they've got a few licks alright
  3. I can recommend The Flying Pig hostel... they have two - one in the red light disctrict (or on the edge of it perhaps) and a much nicer one next to Vondel Park, which is a short walk from the city centre. ---> http://www.flyingpig.nl/resolutie.htm A decent budget hotel right on Damrak (you'll come out of the train station and walk straight for 3 minutes) is here http://www.oranjetulp.nl/ The Greenhouse Effect ( http://www.greenhouse-effect.nl ) have excellent accomodation too.. and staying there will get you a discount on weed and cheap drink all day in their bar and coffeeshop. Watch out for the dark side of the church!
  4. 1portfolio.com and ninjahost.com But seriously, if you can't afford $40 a YEAR you wont get anything decent.
  5. oysterboy

    On my travels

    Nowhere else to really post these... A few screenshots from that Football Factory film..
  6. Info: http://www.tpd.tno.nl/smartsite966.html Zoomable flash thingy... http://www.tpd.tno.nl/Pics/DII/gigazoom/Delft2.htm Looks good, but it seems they cheated - it's made up of 600 seperate photos, so it's not like they've got a 2.5 gigapixel camera. Zoom around the photo and you'll see the mistakes in the joiner (like with any good photo!).
  7. that's good going on the backjump wholecar!
  8. Play.com have two versions - one for £14.99 and one's £37.49... http://www.play.com/play247.asp? page=title&r=BOOK&title=494319&p=91&g=148 http://www.play.com/play247.asp?searchtype...Go.x=22&Go.y=17 Not sure what the difference between the two is though - any ideas? I've ordered from Play.com before and they're reliable... free delivery too.
  9. and some from a trip to the big smoke.....
  10. more Irish countryside! spot the people to the right, for scale
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