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  1. sime


    yeah some nice stuff.
  2. not being funny but when was mansfield on the map? Please prove me wrong by posting some flix - I'm willing to have my mind changed on this.
  3. sime

    Coventry Uk

    able is kicking arse there like...
  4. sime


    bump some great stuff here. that noem stuff is cool as fuck.
  5. fuck man that is really bad. graffiti isn't worth a life. when will you fucking pig bastards stop fucking chasing writers to their deaths? You fucking cunts. and writers - for fuck's sake be careful out there. RIP two more young lives lost for fuck all.
  6. fucking hell job well done. big up!
  7. that art critic comes accross as a bit of a nobend which is a shame as hid view of "art" is actually quite good. he hates all the poncey art world bullshit see his wiki here but he is totally off the mark when it comes to graff. he is obvioulsy just a fake too..
  8. bump for that bode production. fucking sweet!
  9. I'm nearly 40 years old but if I ever have enough spare cash I would love to come to NY to paint a subway and I'm sure every writer outside of NY would say the same. If that's not showing the greatest respect to the originators of graffiti then I don't know what to say anymore...
  10. gotta love the US freight writers! I don't know HOW you paint over those huge ridges on the cars. props from the uk
  11. bump for dj derek. man is legend.
  12. bump. this stuff is fresh. does rocks
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