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THE HAWAII THREAD(paper version)


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you capped my homey... that was a big mistake on your part, you should learn the DC4 TE history.


AF? i used to have problems with them but not anymore. like i said, its all about being humble. i got respect for the AF cats, and alot of the TE guys are my homeys... i guarantee you STRUCK and ASALT would side with newkon, and CEAP and TRAFFIC would side with me. humble yourself before this gets out of hand. newkon and destro are two cats you dont want to get involved.


shut up fucking fag. stop bitchiing out.:lol: :lol:

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for fucks sake u people never sop fucking fighting like seriosully grow the fuck up most of you are here actually posting shit then there people fighting constantly r0ot tried to give you a heads up and u fucking talk shit back to him, like seriously i hope these kids talking shit get knocked or something. just shut the fuck up or this thread will get closed!

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