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Mr. Mang

inspiration provided by . . . (drawings included)

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i know i post on here a lot, especially about my drawings. it gets pretty old i know, but i have somewhat of a story.


a few years ago when i started drawing i was especially awful. i'd post my stuff on the (good old) initialrecords message board all the time. one day a guy named kyle score (eventhescore.com) said that his roomate drew some odd shit too.


apparently based upon the names of the drawings, the guy's name is chris. i think kyle told me this guy chris would just leave drawings random places around the house that kyle would find later.


after seeing these, i realized that you don't have to put limits on morality when you're drawing. it should be about fun and trying new ideas, etc. THIS is the guy responsible for me drawing wheelchairs. i got the idea from chris - whoever he is.


(later on i'll post nat. russell's stuff. his art was my only other 'inspiration'. really good, funny stuff.)


hopefully you'll enjoy these. thanks to kyle for getting them for me and chris for drawing them.











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disturbing, yet i cant stop looking.........


i love mark ryden though.


p.s. i have a request.


can you draw me with a bloody turban on, eating escargo from a honey jar, watching bipolar porn??? i would also like to see some kind of genitalia also. lets see what you'll have for me sir.

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