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GRAPHIC DESIGNZ STUFF-Prog,technique,applications..


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I really like the stuff created by El Mamerro ,ACEt,TRust all original hot shi*.

At the moment im just learning new programs such as 3D studio max and always learning new stuff on Photoshop5/6.


Soon enough u will see my stuff sampled on this page-basically web page designs for music business and art pages.


I just heard of a new pro. called FORM Z does anybody know where I can cop that on the web? I tryed Kaaza nothing there...


2 El Mamerro- u know that

your "Unbearably Hot" piece I like the compostion and all it totally works especially how u used horizontal imagery and drawing the eye to the right hand side.

It was also really effective by leaving just the right amount of space between the eye and the flames and other stuff.


Just wondering were can u get free images to use? Say if I want a pic of an eye but I wanna change/shape texure whatever....do u know any sites which let u take there stuff for that purpose?


Phong.com helped me alot leanring new tech thanks for posting it

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Thanks for the feedback, bro, much appreciated.


I actually got Form Z for Mac, but 3D Studio Max is way superior. Stick to that one, since it works similar to other modelers such as Alias/Wavefront and Maya. Form Z has a confusing and terribly annoying interface.


As for pics, the Internet is an endless hunting ground. The fishing spot of choice: .Google Image Search. The fire on that "Unbearably hot" piece I got from this picture, which I found on a google image search for the word "flames":




I just separated the flames from the rest and manipulated the hell out of 'em, until they looked energetic enough. You can imagine the possibilities of doing the same thing to anything you find on the net. As long as it ends up looking completely different from its source, you shouldn't have to worry about anyone suing you.


The dude, however, is a different story, hehe. That guy I got from one of the stock image catalogs I have lying around, which means it's illegal (shhhh). You usually pay $20, and you get a hi-res picture, not just the thumbnail on the catalog. I actually liked the thumbnail, because when I enlarged it, it brought up the laserprint dithering (there's a name for that, but I forgot... the little colored dots that make up a printout's color) and gave the image a really nice contrasty texture. So I just scanned that fucker up and messed with the colors. Hope that helped, good luck. Beer,


El Mamerro

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Hey i can help you out on this one, i use to be into design but i got out for a while and am just getting back into the swing of things again.Ill get all the info together cause its alot and post it soon.Peace!

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Ok im going to post mostly links to sites that can give you tons of info on design.Either made and owned by freinds or good webdesigners ive met.


Links on design in general (these sites have tons of tutorials):


1. designs by mark

2. team photoshop

3. pank pages

4. eyeball designs

5. spoono

6. wasted youth

7. tutorial forums



Links for free images to work with:


1. free images

2. free stock photos


All those links should help alot.If you nead more info or more free images search for it on google.com

, i havent tried yet but its a good search engine to try out.Peace!

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I'm tryin to get into doin digi images... I see all these people doin them now and I'm feelin them and feelin the whole idea of digi images... All this stuff so far on this thread is helpin but can anybody tell What I should use... What programs are the best? What do I need to get? In general where should I start with this...



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Originally posted by SilpherGirl

wat programs can produce these smooth edged handstyles? many graffiti webpages have these logos done but w/ wat programs....? cos the ones paint does doesn't smoothen the edges and make it all ugly.





you need a black marker on white paper . then you write whatever you want and scan it . then you take it into adobe streamline and make it into a vector graphic for illustrator.

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more info...ya feel me


use illustrator with a pen and tablet from wacom, it`s pressure sensitive and you sent the nib to flow with your wrist, i.e. if you lean the pen it`ll manipulate the look of the stroke also, access the sub menu in tool box to bring up the auto str8in` command this allows you to tag freely and then cleans up your lines automatically....great tool for mad vector art...you can then copy and paste this into photoshop and manipulate the hell ot of it...one yo

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