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  1. Yelp, baby.....I saw the Homestarrunner quote in your signature. Niiiice. Strongbad is ILL.
  2. im with giving tree.....BEER. It sure as hell put a few pounds on my scrawny ass, now im a normal size.....but you really do have to excercise or something (skate,hike,snowboard, etc) so it doesnt just become a beer belly.
  3. true, much, much respect. fuck all of the haters with their jealousy. How about they get up 1/100th as much as him before they talk shit. Shep has contributed more (stylewise, contentwise and meduimwise) than most writers ever could dream to.......plus he's got to be one of the most up...period. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but dont hate the guy cuz "its not graff"...c'mon now, thats just ignorant...graff isnt just retro-letters and etch tags (stick around for a bit, wait till next year when theres a new trend that everyone jumps on and kills). It may not be your cup of tea, and thats fine, but you gotta give respect where its due.
  4. TrustEvil is on point. excellent post.
  5. damn socrates, you beat me to it....... "…the extraordinary dapper rapper, keep tabs on your main squeeze before i tap her…"
  6. everytime i go out, i get 50 messages, i only call back the girls with big big breasts-s-s-s -the liks
  7. strike anywhere fuckin rock. the pits @ their shows are pretty good too.
  8. no prob boxcar......thats exactly what i was talking about.....you and I could chill all the time and not let our beliefs and shit get in the way of friendship...... it's not about alienating people unlike you....its about a betterment of yourself (is betterment a word?). I never once felt like you (or any of my other friends who are sXe) forced their opinions on me...even if there are debates or whatever on the subject (which I actually enjoy quite a bit), I never got the feeling that I was looked down upon or anything like that....I was just a dude, doing my thing....and you were you, doing your thing, the respect went both ways.
  9. quote: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i have found, now dont get emotional, but this is me... that like a good 97% of you "straight edgers" are pure, unadulterated jackasses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ actually, I see this the other way around......(maybe you got a different scene where you are, but whatever... it doesnt really matter) Most of the sXe kids I know are not asses at all, and actually are some of the nicest people I have ever met...... if it's what you're into, sXe is a great way to live your life, and I don't see anything wrong w/ being proud of something youre into (the same way skaters, writers, etc. are proud of what they are, and theyll defend it). And giving them shit for starting a crew??????, well, aren't most of you are in a graff crew made up by others who share similar ideas and ideals?.....I dont see much difference there. I am not sXe any longer (its been a long time.....9 years almost?), but I still have the utmost respect for the scene. The sXe kids I know dont pull that holier than thou bullshit or try to force their opinions and beliefs on me....... in my experience those kids are few and far between. Sure, there are kids out there that hate all drug and alchahol users, and alot of times they get represented as being the whole scene when they are only a small part of it. bottom line, sXe is a personal choice.....do it for self. Trying to educate people is ok, but understand that doing drugs or drinking is also a personal choice. If you want respect...show it. sorry for my rambling, hope it wasnt too boring.....its early and my brain isnt quite awake yet.
  10. Coheed & Cambria are dope. nuff said.
  11. oh man, i'm with you Beardo.....i cant do half the shit I used to be able to do. ive hurt myself waay too much, but I keep on coming back for more. But fuck it, bones heal, but the feeling of riding a board (even if its just cruising around) will stick around forever.....nothing is better.
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