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  1. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/trojanhorsemusic.htm
  2. Damn! Thats the Spirit my friend let it all out vent let your find feel free
  3. and explain why "Im mad" Im really really " mad" Everyone gets the angries. But sometimes they make us say and do things that we don't really mean. We can learn how to release those mads in safe ways, so that no one gets hurt and we feel better. Well Im going to vent!!!!!!!!!! I hates Toys, kids who think they are gangsters, crack heads and dumb internet low lifes who discrimenate bethind there WINDOWS 3.1!!!!!!! I read in an earlier posted by Van Disel which degrated AfroAmericans and AFro Canadians........and all Africans....... by calling them "n word" this hurt, it really really hurt. Know I know some ones going 2 say why can AFAM say it but u notice its been in the recent yrs and those who say it are UNEDUCATED!!!!!!!!! White ppl have degrated The fellow AFRO culture for over 400 yrs.........when will it end............oh mother of God......So unless your living in the past like 400 yrs ago dont use the N word...."Or u will get Bum rushed........at the wild wild west?" Kool mo dee Why cant we all get along If some comes
  4. These are some of my Fav Jimmy Hendrix Pink Flyod Lynard Skynard? Ozzy osbourne Led Zepplin AC DC Rush Deep Purple Carlos Santanna The who SUper Tramp
  5. CUM C CUM SA Yah man Baby Blue movies.....................they are some funny plot lines and the girls are all loaded with cilicon^^ . Yah Friday nights home alone...............watching soft porn
  6. Basically roofing conisits of applying new protective material to the ceiling of a building to yeild ware and tare. These materials range depending upon the structer for houses ( ranges alot- I dont usually do them )its usually shingles with an under layer of tar sheets which lay on top of the wood. For Commerical roofing aka (flat roofs ) (the work I do) there are many more steps: taken taking of the old protective crap ,flattening the gravel under it, laying downboards, screw'm in apply tar sheets screw'm in paint the tar sheets if they dont have the grit stuff on it(paints used to protect the tar from UV rays). thats Roofing in a nut shell the jobs usually fun-get to travel allot when doing Commerical,meet new ppl -some times even ceos but that doesnt matter when your on the job,the pays good -get payed by hours or buy sq feet. Sq is better. But they both pay well. The more experience u have the more $ u make. Starting wages are like $9 -10 thats for most Comp. after a yr u can possiblely make 20 an hr depending upon experince.................... one the job u cant think of it as work..or else u will kill your self..........ummmmmmmm The weather on the roof is usually double the intensity from on the ground so if yah burn wear SScreen. Always grab lots of water your body needs it. OH anotherthing most bosses let u take many breaks because the job gets tiring some days due 2 heat. and yes roofing is safe peace have fun rolling it and burning it ...........The tar sheets
  7. HEllo remeber me DESIRED, im here with some info for those intrested in finding a paying job which can also allow u 2 find tight spaces 2 paint . Heres some history for yah ,About 2 weeks ago I was dead broke-no food, no paint, no job then luckly my friend " the Beat boxer in the Amanda Marshall commerical" told me he needed someone 2 help him roof. I jumped 2 to chance not knowing what I would be getting my self into- but 2 my surprise I was literally able 2 see everythings from a new perspective. I have learned how 2 climb up a building by using specific technics used by some roofers who can not access by stairs/ladder. I have learned how 2 open up the locked hatch on top of the roof(which allows u to enter the inside). I get to c many key alley ways where ppl can paint killer peaces and yet be safe.............and some times I drop alittle stuff here and there in those areas. Many of these areas have some nice walls to paint peices on 2 ps from doing roofing I got a nice tan, better physic and get to scope nice gals.
  8. Yo just wondering if the graffiti expo or whatever is happening in Toronto this yr....................I really havent heard any news on it. Can some Toronto heads fill in on the info. Peace OD
  9. When the hiphop "rap" culture first came about it was predominatley associated with non cajan people from african american decent. Todays mainstream (not conscience hiphop) seems to be imbraced by the same people who started hiphop. What has caused the trend for the majority of the african american people to shift to the mainstream instead of embracing music real concscience hiphop music which seems to be know as "underground". Today the conscience music is listened to by almost every culture cajan, latin, african american, chinese.....even though african americans are still for the most part mcing it. what happened?-------------------- why listen to the main stream which revolves around a negative image to society/and for certain cultures. It may not be appear that way to a cajan person because they are not intially associated in todays hiphop culture. Plus a culture should not be recognised for the type/form of music they may listen 2. same with todays Graf its really multicultural yet when it was first started it was associated with african americans. But to peoples surprise it was a mix of suburb/not well 2 to do kids trying to send messages its hard to explain the conection between the 2 but I hope u get one im saying no wha I mean.................... peace
  10. After 4years in graffiti game I have decided to check myself into a psychological hospitial. When I first started writing I did it off and on.......then time grew I did it everywhere possible on the back of buses, Gap stores huge scratch throughs....... and almost got molded down by the C. O.P (constibles of Pigs). Just recently I climbed up to a crane and painted a piece......I was scared that was the weirdest yet dangerious thing I have done...(no I didnt use a latter). Now 12 laters,after contemplating whats mentally wrong with me I found I have ADT .......all I have my mind on is defacing property and painting my happy faces beside my pieces. When I was kid I use to scribble all the house I never knew I would be defacing societies lovely canvas. I need help. Ppl think im weird when Im in public and peacing on a building ledge........they just staire....... in shame. I just foundout there are many ppl that suffer from compulsive graf/art disorder............I am not alone...... I u suffer realise you are not alone there are people that can help u.
  11. Heres the thing I have been playing this wicked game called Soldier of Fortune 2. Presently I own the demo version which is oka but I want to get a full version from the net. Does anybody know what site other than Kazza 2 use...........or can u tell me what to tye into search other than the games name. thanks if u gott the info hook it up thanks
  12. Pppl a seriously! This was suppose 2 help ppl seriously now
  13. any successful ways to bag the #, I tryed a couple some work others dont. Just 2 days ago went to the theater with a close friend and a saw these 2 sold girls, we devised a plan to initate a conversation- me pretending to know this girl Sarah and asking if they are her friends. After talking for about 3 mins. I learn these chicks are actually go to school with my bro. If I had known I wouldnt have bothered talkn with them!! anyways that attempt to bag the # failed. How do u successfully bag the digits off a stranger:king:
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