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  1. eh, just click the little "+++" in my signature...
  2. well ill tell you one thing. im not rich. the only reason i can afford it is mica gave me a whoooole lotta money.
  3. maryland institute college of art? yep. i am.
  4. you're a great model though, dan.
  5. 5.5 is the only version before adobe overloaded it with worthless crap. the only thing 7 is good for is the heal tool and a slightly better compression engine. and i suppose the brush shit if your into that. in any event id never really use the heal tool, and compression is for sissies.
  6. in photoshop: - make some dots, highlight them - edit > define pattern - make your selection - edit > fill > pattern thats for 5.5 at least. and if your silk screening it make sure you shit is clean and hi res or do it in illustrator.
  7. thanks alot seeking. believe me id rather get actual criticism then just "thats cool" ill take all it into account when i get some time. im just wondering, what browser/os/resolution are you on.
  8. stentoria version three yea yea no graf. just some artfag shit. a whole fucking lot of it though.
  9. 2advanced should die. or something of that nature.
  10. stentoria

    Donnie Darko

    it looks like the requim site because the same guys (hi-res) did it. ive seen it twice. its pretty much my favorite movie as of now. really incredible
  11. light streaks? im assuming your talking about the first picture. just take the rectangular marquee select a long area but one pixel high>copy>paste... then edit>free transform, and stretch it out. as for blurred: just highlight some area>filters>gaussian blur.
  12. just finished this... wallpaper sized: http://www.stentoria.com/contortionist.jpg'>
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