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  1. just another name for me to add to my list of people who make me wanna quit graff... this boy is just too nasty
  2. its just a hunch but maybe the reason there aren't any WALLS posted on here is because this is the PAPER CHASE section of 12oz. wouldn't it be great if there was a section called BRICK SLAYERS where they actually had thousands of WALL flicks?
  3. yo those billboard roofies are nothin but straight up hot. nice flix.
  4. ill shit on the second... and very sick sketches by ervo/toreone.
  5. nice to see some fresh styles comin through.. stay on it and develop it more tho.
  6. i'm not really feelin it and i'm glad because I respect LDS for not biting our american style.. of actual skills in graffiti.
  7. washing the paint off your fingers with nail polish remover and that "tingly" feeling that you get after sniffing the fumes for an hour.. :crazy:
  8. no, in a PERFECT world faggots like you wouldnt post up toy shit like this about some fuckin hindu-ghandi revelation that they had jackin off to britney spears.. graff isn't just some illegible shit on the side of a pay phone or in a bathroom stall.. so maybe in your so-called "perfect" world graff wouldn't be around, but that's no world for me.. personally, i love my evil government corruptions and consipiracies.. makes life more fun.
  9. yea i guess you could call it "advertising", but thats really a bad word for it.. you're showin people who you are and what you're made of... we're not askin em to buy shit from us, just their respect.
  10. i really didn't think all the reading was gonna be worth it... but damn guess i was wrong. hot article.
  11. my name is bill... i like potatoes... damn!
  12. heard noel is pretty much out of it for now in ny.. one of my boys met and he's a fuckin genius for real. ... eatfuc/penis phone/cawl fatso/slim celf/biter would be funny.
  13. see.. mafia's got it down.. good form, balance, and nice flow. it dont need to look exactly like an "H" or an "E" or whatever... that and color choice are all you... shit half the stuff out there dont even look like english! graff is art if you take it on like that... but rep it right.
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