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another ill vivid dream

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its kind of comming back to me now...one part i was what was a pseudo layup looking at boxcars, the only thing different being that they were twice the height regular boxcars and maybe a little longer. and there were other people there too also admiring them. like it was a religious experience or something, except i think it has more to do with all the buddhist stuff ive been reading up on..

other part were still at this spot and my vision is all blurry, like a dream sequence in a movie..you know those scenes where it shows a building but the way theyre shooting makes the building look bigger and bigger by actually moving the camera so it looks like its growing..

anyway, that was happening, and this building was fuckin huge, i mean cmon they used that little camera trick in my dream to place emphasis on its height. this building had no windows and towards the top it got smaller...

and on this huge crazy tall building was the most amazing, beatiful, intricate piece..looked like something a la revok or sever, except it was on the entire side of a skyscraper and was done in a way that it was symetrical to the shape of the building.

if you ever seen those huge murals in nyc, like the dkny mural it was like that except 10 times taller...

other part, im standing in my kitchen, look outside to see two crooks walking up my deck stairs and comming towards the kitchen door..holding guns. i dont do anything except put my arms up like they do in the movies...ended up getting shot in both arms, right through the biceps..i remember looking and seeing these little red holes and blood all over.......

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Guest -sudz-

why is it that i'll post a thread, and it'll go away, and then someone posts another of almost the same and everyone replies to it?!!!:mad:

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