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Drinking makes my ears bleed.

Poop Man Bob

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Help me I can't breathe when I drink my ears bleed and I want to dance dance dance to the boogie that is known as the hands and I am going away tomorrow far far away and I am drinking water lots of water Ozarka in fact from the fine springs in Texas the land of the lone star the star solo only one mofakas so don't front it is dancing like my penial unit the big unit will win the cy young again this year unless Roy Oswalt upsets the 6'10' monster and steals it from under his mullet and then around the world around the world I need to listen to new music and stop concentrating so much on my typing which is taking a long time to clean up so from now on I am not going to hit delete so you will have to deal with the mistakes I am going awya tomorrow to kiss and love and smooch and drrink in the mouth ouh yes a good time for all shall be had i wonder if anyone is reading help me i can't breath there were tags from my 21st birthday sitll in the bathroom of the bar i went tonight weeeeeeeeee good times.



good times.

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