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  1. Do you know why the original was taken down though? I'm just wondering if it was a mod decision that could be repeated again if we started a new thread or if it was the OP. I have a gang of zines mostly bay stuff from the 90s - present but also some others sprinkled in I would be down to do my part. I'm always looking for people to trade with so it could help. I already dedicated a good portion of my teen years to this forum no reason I can't make a come back and waste some more.
  2. So it is really gone huh? Is there a reason we can't remake it?
  3. We used to fill waterbottles up with thin pain and poke a hole in the cap. Looks inconspicuous holding, just flip it over and squeeze. Ground shots were everywhere when I was like 14.
  4. Man I feel you. Many times I've wished that I would of spent all those years learning and crafting skills in another art form or instrument. Basically anything, that at the least, I could pursue to my fullest potential without risking my freedom and at the most have prospects of making an actual career out of it. Even just something I could mention as a hobby or personal skill in an interview. But all in all, graffiti did give me amazing adventures as a teenager, exploring areas of mine and other towns with my best friends, places I would have no business being at otherwise. All the great creative people I met and the life long friends I would of never talked to if not for having this niche, almost secret society like hobby in common. How people from all walks of life can relate on a level no one else understands. Also back in highschool the classic favorite of every writer; girls in class asking "can you draw my name" Fuck ya I can. Eventually meeting all my idols and hanging out and painting with people I looked at like celebrities when I was a teenager. Kind of taking a hiatus in my early 20s and when I came back finding out that all my favorite bay legends were still at it. Then as an adult finding an entire new side of graff, the collecting side. Amassing an insane amount of stickers canvases artwork and zines. Honestly probably going to far at some points but that feeling when you get the chance to finally get your hands on that Vampire Wizard Zues zine you've been looking for etc. I totally get it. Putting so many hours into gaining a skill that only a select few can appreciate and that only really has value if you put in the risk of illegally making a name for your self where other writers want stuff by you. But we are where we are so I try to see the good I guess.
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