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  1. here is a ground tag i found and i was wondering if this was spray paint with a skinny cap or some kind of marker? so a soapy rag will make dust tags? aren't powerwashers for removing graffiti? what do you mean drip off a stick? you mean like dip a stick in paint and use that. Thanks for helping dude!
  2. no one has anything more to say about this? help plz!
  3. thanks. i meant like dust tags on certain walls where you just rub your finger and makes a dirt line. but i see people doing on walls where it doesnt work for me
  4. what things can i use to do ground tags? I want a marker that I can do ground tags with. I'm also open to other ideas for ground tags. Also how do i do dust/dirt tags on most walls? I see some dust tags but i go up and rub my finger on that wall and it does not leave a mark, how do they do it? help! thanks guys
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