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  1. That’s “ the treasure of the Sierra Madre” remake set in east St. Louis isn’t it? The factory they filmed at looked dope
  2. This was on hbo or some premium movie channel non-stop in the late 90s for all that were partially raised by tv /latch key kids
  3. I’ll be honestly amazed if anyone recognizes this.
  4. Is that “toys” with robin williams and ll cool j?
  5. LolYeah...I wasn’t sure if that’d be considered obscure to most or not. Well done, you’re up
  6. Lol Tenacious d in bio-dome “we just really need to save some fucking trees”
  7. @Kultswatched Wolfen this weekend and enjoyed it. Great shots of old New York. also watched rollerball (1975) and a boy and his dog (1975) a boy and his dog is sooo fucking out there lol it’d been better w/o the dog
  8. Definitely intrigued by the screenshots
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