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  1. Ha yeah i rushed the O gotta work on it tho, but the M I fucked up. thanks ;)
  2. Fucking round with colour's Crit Ticks welcome.
  3. Maybe before they make the song they should know how to Pronounce Ridiculous. Cause they fucking ridickilos
  4. Had to redo so much for a simple throwup cause of the letter size.
  5. Haha thanks I realised the SY Was bigger after I had coloured :( And u gave me a wake up call for my K's ahaha ima try keep it 3 bars now thanks and the n, I kinda meant it is better if you keep them same size but it is anyones opinion tho :P
  6. Thanks, Good advice :) Seems like we are the only posting toys haha.
  7. Torch, from one toy to another im gonna crit yo' piece. lol k, So 1st the drips didnt really work to well plus the things at the bottom coming off the ends of the letters weren't really good cause there was heaps of them and the bubbles well were just bubbles >_>. 2nd the N is to small the S Counteracts the Y cause they are so far apart, but flow comes with practice ;) + the bits coming off the S just doesnt work haha just keep it simple. I love that character tho haha. Crit me please!!! Not the character though that character can kill itself.
  8. I hate this character but i couldnt think :( thanks torch for starting the battle aswell toys really need this thread haha sucks about the alphabet tho
  9. I had to say it he is pretty slippery like soap... *cough* snitch *cough*.
  10. Nice Jeremy is he from NZ???:confused: And whats up with the Jack :P
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