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  1. the harshest reality of life, and one that applies so directly to graffiti, is that real writers and people really do keep the company of their peers, and that they know the difference between peers and fans/talkers. bump LDs, BRZM, and BTUF
  2. dissing someone calling them a racist and a faggot? sounds like you're a bigot too young blood
  3. UC and bump alamo in CDC. thats whats up.
  4. This is literally my story exactly ha. almost to a T. Im also overcoming it a little bit at a time and i know that im nearing stability. I feel in control now and it controls my life much less now.. i agree that it comes with the territory. I think as artists and specifically graffiti artists were all searching for something whether we want to admit that to ourselves or not. Thanks for the insight and I hope anyone else that reads this will feel some relief as well in seeing that people have overcome it to an extent they didnt think possible. Im sure most of you can relate tha
  5. and healthy body healthy mind is fairly accurate...sugar/caffiene/ and nearly all drugs worsen anxiety from what research ive done on it all.
  6. unfortunately weed is what broke the flood gates initially. i had never had a panic attack until smoking, and then they just never went away hah. needless to say its not a remedy for me specifically but thats good that it helps somebody haha
  7. I'm in my early 20s and have been dealing with bad anxiety/panic attacks for about 6 months now. They started this summer and despite seeing the doctor and being prescribed medications I'm just really not about all it for many reasons. I've changed my lifestyle nearly tenfold... I dont eat sugar, no alcohol, no drugs, only drink water and soy milk etc. It seems to have helped and I can control the panic attacks so its not quite as intense as it was initially but fuck...anyone who's experienced it knows how big of a factor it becomes in everything you do... i suppose im just creating th
  8. Eweeee big daddy BRZM with the funk. /\
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