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  1. some amazing stuff matt verges stuff has some hints of Mucha
  2. good work guku! I have been in only one show like that and it did not go well
  3. been working on this piece for a while, but not too stoked on how it all looks together. I am thinking of cutting the spider out as a stand alone piece, and using the left over paper space to do some more single bug pieces to use. all of them together is really not jiving for me for some reason sorry for the quality
  4. i always found t-kid to be a guy with a lot of character and charisma for some reason. Very drawn to drawing/painting him hah heres my work still truckin on it. been taking a while
  5. working on this for someone at the moment 36 x 40"
  6. finally finished this and finished: better scan on the weekend and updated to the website, thats all for now
  7. dude that sculpture is sick!
  8. still working away at this...the end is in sight finally
  9. yeah really diggin that dog! post more!
  10. another piece in progress also check out the website for some better shots of some previous work that i really like http://www.artbydusan.com
  11. those are great for some reason the digital girls left eye brow is bugging me
  12. hahaha right on. things are way bigger when ur small
  13. pedoe - negative its a mix of various colors edogg thats dope, show us what u got done!!!
  14. im still here bro but mainly hanging out in untitled these days
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