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  1. Thanks man, those zynos are made in compton thats probably why. I usually put a short description to get to the point. (Not knocking your scale at all, just the way i like to do it) Maybe im just lazy who knows.
  2. you can also take a blowdryer and heat up the lid, if your scared it might shatter when pulling it off.
  3. i take a blowdryer to peel it off easy. then i spray 3m adhesive on the back of the label. let it get tacky about 30 seconds and lay it on
  4. The can was made in San Leandro. About 30 minutes outside of San Francisco, at a company called Pacific Aerosol. Where it states the contents weight, it says... NET16 ozs - Volume 1LB - Fluid 15 Ounces. On the bottom of the can it says 68. That would probably be the reason this can has the same top as the 64 cans. It could also be that the original owner had a yellow 64 and swapped tops. Who knows.
  5. Heres a box of flatballs i put up for a quick pic.
  6. When people dont pay their bill, im at their house in the early morning trying to collect!
  7. I was just getting ideas for my new website. "Cap Indicates Color". Lol. jk man. Before work i get paint, and after work i get paint. But during lunch i look on ebay and different things. I practically live in my van.
  8. Yea for sure i like em too. Check this out, if this isnt a BITE and a half. Its even got the same metaltop as a 64 krylon.
  9. one of my favorite screen savers on my computer at work.
  10. i just sent about 40 across the country last week. lol that chrome yellows the one.. the 91s have the barcode on the bottom.
  11. juke i need to send you another can to use for that display. i got some school bus yellows and baby blue bordens you can put in there. you dont want to use primer for that display. i might have a speedy dry i can send. just ship me some stickers from croatia for my blackbook
  12. its on both. i have one on ebay right now paper label
  13. joe that easy way is plastikote also. brand new never used. its a copper can. paper label
  14. thats good to know. i like the info. I got 2 of those rust magics on my way home one night fom work. they are both full and unused. The things we find at the most random times... Thats what makes this cool.
  15. cool. i have a few of those 78s your talking about, they are a cool looking can
  16. its just the name i think. its a 12 ounce can with a picture of a machine gun on the front.
  17. Thanks guys. The british black is dope. that satin is a borden from columbus ohio. Theres 4 things that make this can different. 1) The "Satin Finish" on the side. 2) The 5 balls are smaller than usual. 3) It has a Red identification label on the can, instead of the normal black 4) It shows a "selling slogan" underneath the krylon stamp. Talking about what it does. This can has no cracks in the lid, and is more than half full.
  18. Heres this mornings finds... Theres 3 "one pound" cans in there with metal tops. PEEP THE AQUA GREEN METALTOP. It has not been used AT ALL. The condom was brand new. Varivaldi i got you 3 more Nybcos bro. 2 are full.
  19. Its all good man, I know you like those square krylons. That Medium Blue is a dope color. Not only because its borden, and has a barcode label on the top, but because in all my years of using krylon, i have never seen a medium blue.. Let that one sit on your shelf.
  20. Thanks man, im just trying to get a decent collection for myself, and find cans for people who need them. Heres what i got as of this morning, got some painters touch and flatballs also but the krylon had no lids. I just thought the rusto looked good. The can with no lid is a beige/ almond color. all the lids have different style labels.
  21. I dont know if anyone collects these, but let me know if you want them
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