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  1. Damn what happened its been dead in here. I will post up new finds when i have time. Came up on a bunch of goodies the last couple months..
  2. thanks man. my collection is small time compared to some of the dudes in here. ive been keeping my favorites and getting rid of my cans im not too attatched to.i need to make room to start working on my ride again.
  3. Yea i like em too. The colors were badass.
  6. the face kind of reminds me of the black Zoro charachter Lee painted in wild style...
  7. Thanks man. Hope everythings good your way.
  8. Lol. theres 3 more cabinets where that came from that are gonna be full. i just need to arrange a few things and pull out some more boxes. My blackberry phone camera sucks. i keep it in my pocket all day. so theres a bunch of dirt in my camera lens. my pockets are full of dirt and lint because im poor,
  9. one of the china cabinets in the garage. havent decided how i want to fill it yet. i have 2 more to fill
  10. 23 CAN LOT ON EBAY.... LET ME KNOW....
  11. cans always look great on a nice bookshelf
  12. we called em shields on the west coast. cut them like that and take a leather hole puncher to cut the hole out.
  13. Nah man a car is one thing. A bright yellow isnt really a sought after can in the first place. It looks like the guy tried to make a "shield" (detail cap) then said ahh fuck it, ill put it back on.
  14. This guy illadell is selling a bright yellow with a fucked up lid for 10 bucks on ebay. If the lids that fucked up why not just take the whole lid off? This is rediculous.
  15. Damn bro your a walking encyclopedia of not only hip hop and graff but movies too.
  16. I know one thing, graffiti is an art for the struggling. If your old enough, you can relate that when you started out nobody was spending 3-4 grand on paint between late 80s and the 90s. Its changed due to suburb hipsters and kids with mommy and daddys credit card on art primo and bombing science paying for paint. Ebay etc. Im close to 35 and dont crash at home, ive spent 3 grand in one sitting at a poker table 10 years ago. Doesnt really mean anything. I didnt mean to turn this into a question of what 4 gees is. Im just saying its alot of cash to blow on paint. Didnt wanna turn it into a pissing match.
  17. thats what im sayin unless dudes got mega cash. i wouldnt sell a whole set of notches including icy and pineapple no less than 4 gees. ultra flat black, semi flat, oooh weee alot of loot!
  18. be ready to spend between 2 to 3 gees
  19. i work as a bill collector ive seen some hoarders like you wouldnt believe. ill post pics once i roll to another one. funy thing is im always looking in the garage for og paint at houses like that. i disconnect a box thats in the garage from our company. most of those people collect bullahit though. papers, bottles and garbage. one broad had like 10 cats they were eating old meatloaf in the kitchen sink. and if you ever smelled cat piss it fuckin stinks to high heaven. hopefully you guys arent that bad!
  20. x2 ive been looking for that one for 2 years now.
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