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  1. The bar often smells like dead rodents are lodged in the walls. and the women are eh..at least compared to the other places I mentioned. But, the bouncer is funny. Lucky devil, sassy's. Union jacks are all good and in SE, but if you want to go to a shitty strip club downtown, go to mary's. Oldest one in Portland. Idk how I haven't eaten at tienda, but i will check it out. I have a lot of friends that have worked at foster burger, good stuff. Down the street is slingshot lounge, which also has some really good food. My kind of bar too. I have no idea why there are so many homeless people here. It gets depressing, as well as incredibly irritating. Portland is a magnet for the mentally ill. Why were you drinking Rainer?!! Brew capital remember?! :confused:
  2. Actually I was watching this huge spanish whore from the window of a bar called the black tiger. I was having some beers and thought it'd be a good laugh to time some dudes with the professionals, but she wasn't having any luck. After about 30 minutes she got tired of me watching and gave me the bird. This other chick got 2 guys off in 14 minutes though. Lol... they looked very ashamed when they left.
  3. Your mom didn't think so, sonny boy.
  4. In Portland hit up inner se. Just over the Hawthorne bridge. Anywhere between the burnside bridge and hawthorne up to 39th is great for drinking and catching tags. Downtown sucks. Magic gardens is a shit strip club, I know, I drink there all the time. If you want to go to a good strip club, look up devils point, lucky devil and sassy's. Those are by far the best and they're all pretty close to downtown, except dp. Pretty much all the food in pdx is on another level. Do some research online though for what you're into. Alberta is in ne and its hipster central but its not a bad bar scene. Lastly, pdx is the beer capital of the states. We have almost 60 breweries not counting the bars that brew. Enjoy.
  5. In Amsterdam for the next 3 or 4 days during my euro trip and I'm trying to paint some walls etc. Anyone down to show me around? Pm me or something. Thanks
  6. 3 hrs in Amsterdam and I've already been flipped off by a whore. Lol :D
  7. Oh yeah. All the country's I've been to so far HATE Americans. Irish people and parisians more than londoners but they hate us too.
  8. I've been to Dublin, London and paris so far. St . Christophers is the best hostel I've been to so far. Bars and night clubs as well as clean rooms. The new one in Paris is great. Dublin kinda sucks. It's all about tourism and they hate tourists... The graff scene is nothing to write home about too. London is cool if you go to the right hood. Camden is overrated and stay out of Kings cross. Hackney is the shit. Paris is crushed but kinda weird to bomb in, in certain hoods. The area around all city paint Shop is cool, so is the moulin rouge. I've spent over half my budget in 2 weeks and have a month to go. Bring half as much stuff and 3x as much money as you'll think you need. Europe is insanely expensive. Beers are usually between 4 and 7 euro... Even fast food is 3x more expensive. The eurail pass is a joke. They're insanely expensive and you still end up paying 30-40 euros for reservation fees. Get comfortable shoes. Get comfortable shoes. Get comfortable shoes. I did and my feet are still covered in blisters. The women are fine as Fuckkkkkk. America has nothing on Europe in that regard. I've painted pieces in every Country so far. Find a paint Shop and they'll point you in a good direction if you like legal shit. Got a month to go...
  9. Just got in today from Portland via Nyc. I'm looking for a wall to get done while I'm here. Can anyone help me with that? Pm me. Thanks.
  10. Cool, well If you have any questions about stuff and I'm not in town, pm me. BTW, I'll tell you right now Devils point is the best strip club in town, Pine state biscuits is where you need to get breakfast (don't let the line discourage you.), and the most crackin bars are going to be on alberta (although they can be pretty "hip"). Oh yeah, eat at the food carts downtown if you can, they're some of the best in the world.
  11. So I've been combing over this thread and I've absolutely learned a few things. I plan on taking a reasonable sized back pack, like one you would use for school, and take just the basics; 2 pairs of socks, 2 t shirts, two pairs of boxers, a knife or multipurpose tool, hygiene stuff, a pair of jeans,a light jacket like a wind breaker and some shorts. You can always buy or rack more clothes if you need them. Keep your cash and other valuable stuff like your passport etc. some place hidden. Travel at night to save on lodging. Talk to people. Sleep holding onto your shit. I also have some questions though. 1.) What's up with phones? I know that can cost a ton with roaming fees, so is it best to just get a throw away track phone? It seems like utilizing a" smart phone" would be ideal for traveling, at least it has for me in the states. 2.) What's the best place to fly into? Since I have no plan, except to wander, what would be the ideal city to introduce yourself to Europe? I'm thinking Amsterdam, and then working east. I also really like big cities. 3.) Little has been said about painting. Without going into to much detail, I plan on making the most of my time there, and wanted to know which cities had the most going on in that respect. I want to loosely plan my trip around those places. Not that I plan on doing anything like that...Just get flicks. 4.) After travel expenses, I should have around 3 grand. Based on the type of places I want to go, how long can I make that last? I want to stay at least six weeks. I'm not afraid of squatting or racking. Thanks.
  12. Assuming you're talking about portland OR. I'm a portland native (unbelievably rare), and I've been told I'm a great host. I plan on being in Europe until mid August, but if you're in town I could show you all the best eats/strip clubs/bars/parties etc.
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