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  1. or you could be negative about it.
  2. have a good one bro. another year you survived in a crazy world. get fuckedddddddddddddd up and get someeeeeeeeee!!
  3. everybody has their ways of getting famous. we have graff. they have bullshit stories that are funny as fuck but make the media.
  4. haha aww poor guy :/ your missing out bro football is the shittttt!
  5. sock that bitch in the neck and make her swallow..
  6. haha goddamn relaxxx foos lol. dont have to be so hostile towards each other. no matter what you do, theres gonna be people who love your shit think its dope, then theres gonna be people that absolutely hate your shit, "your shits wack". its all a matter of tastes. i say big ups to everybody. support each other instead of putting peoples shit down all the time. its okay to criticize but you have to give some positives instead of just negatives. EX. nice lines but you gotta work on that shading, or great color combo just keep working on your can control. big ups to all the real graffers
  7. anybody heard of kendall "da spyda" grove?
  8. everybody starts out toy. no shame in it, just a part of graff. lot of good advice and shit from well off writers. most of it is common sense but some good advice comes from those who have been up for some time.listen to it. i come from a smaaall ass town of 14,000 and graff is hated more then the gangs around here. not alot of places to get up without getting spotted or without somebody calling the cops. some advice from constant cop patrols is just to act like your not doing anything wrong. just keep calm and keep walking even if the car is parked cause around here if you turn a corner there gonna flip a bitch and pull your ass over. and they dont give a fuck here if your not doing anything wrong. they will search YOU down. pockets and all. have a backpack and keep cans in there. by law they can not legally search that without getting in trouble for harrassment. when they question you about anything you better catch some alzheimers. very crooked cops just looking for reasons to bust you. but its a cat and mouse game and im in love with it. the fame, the running, the adraneline, clowning on cops, the high, the feeling of getting up. truly an indescribable feeling.. stay up. much love graffers!
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