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  1. Hey just out of curiosity is the the same hace from westchester? I thought he used a C but the tags look the same. In an abandoned bar in williamsburg said 2009 somewhere in there.
  2. wow they banned kerse's mom?
  3. Hey everybody, the new scene is mod OK. I am help work for you, so here me here you.
  4. "Hey everybody i must go my people need me"
  5. wow, anything goes here. absolutely nuts dawgz.
  6. Its kinda hard to be more selfish unaware and self absorbed. I would love to just kick this dude right in the cheek as he is leaving starbucks. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a96_1327318490
  7. i didn't even read this. but this is exactly what i was talking about (see above)
  8. not challenging the shitness of the thread. but the way in which the topic was presented and from where it was derived. the style is/was more (not to be a douche) "organic" now all the bullshit presented is some news related criminal story and the replies are common troll responses and the same 4chan images. how the fuck is spiderman relevant in ch zero. no less in a thread about sinking ship or some other 3rd hand news story. bumping this thread is for figurative, not literal reasons.
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