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  1. im just gonna come right out say it, i want to rape this woman.
  2. this game is fucking dope. im unbiased cause Morneau aint playin so im amped just to watch.
  3. but now i use em all the time. they make things alot easier to read.
  4. whaaaaaaaaaaaat... Eforgery?? shit son i even spoke on that post. i was suspicious when i seen paragraphs though. i only learned how to use them from an ex girlfriend in the last two years who got tired of reading my emails all jumbled up when she was outta town.
  5. by writing "nsfw" you take all the fun out. and therfor i will not even click your link loser.
  7. this faggy shit absolutley. and although i dont listen to necro anymore. i still got mad love for him, but as i stated in another thread recently. his core following is very juaggloesque nowadays. this kinda music is all made for the kids that dont fit in, got picked on and are to pussy to stand up for themselves so they sit around by themselves and project these retarded visions of like satanism and mass slaughter. really, similar to death metal. most death metal people are pussy weirdohs. or at least thats what they were when i was growing up when death metal was actually happening as a new thing.
  8. ya. horrorcore. pioneered by the man. Kkeith. then bitten by rza. then adopted by necro. among many others im sure. but this is really what started it:
  9. you love all things red dontcha:lol:
  10. i dont care how broke he is or how many taxes he dodged. taxes are for faggets anyways. anyone who made this track gets a pass from manslaughter to kiddie porn in my books:
  11. shitty deal. i feel for the pre-megadeal rappers. ie:wutang etc that paved the way but never got to cash cheques like the bling area has. lame. if that was me in his position i woulda set up some kinda internet pledge thing where people could donate to my cause. flip the script with some humour and generate publicity while working on a new album. then once the $33k was met, which wouldnt take long. or even just get an advance from a/some homie(s) and/or record label drop the album and just advertise it as publicly funded. then you could put on the inside of the album cover all the names of the people who donated. turn a nega, into a posa. pretty fuckin easily actually. shit, even i woulda tossed in a couple chips for mef. marketing people marketiiing.
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