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  1. @Charlesmanson .. Mesk? Why not google your name before choosing it? Mesk is a part of MOA and Toyscrew in Denmark.. I would consider a name switch if i was you..
  2. Neer

    The 3D pages.

    Specta, i really like that piece. Thumbs up.
  3. PMS Army, wholestation.
  4. Sooow, work on your E's. In everyone of you sketches, the E looks fucked. Keep it up. I know you said it was just a quickie, but ... hey?
  5. Its just a guy.. He hadnt produced anything for a long time, and the media had been chasing him around. Im glad he died. Maybe now, he can finaly be at peace. I dont like Michael, never listened to his music, but the way people are reacting is ridiculous. The graff is dope though, thoose murals kick ass.
  6. Neer

    Who beleives 2012

    Ill let future me, worry about 2012. Now ill party like its 2009!
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