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  1. a nice thing with those old trains are the exeptionally large panel. Most modern subways have much larger windows.
  2. If there arent millions of illegals in the country you cant hire them. And you cant by pass minimum wage laws,or bust unions with illegal scabs. And if you are locked up, its kinda hard to hire anyone.. Youll probably have full employment tossing someones sallad.
  3. One thing does not exclude the other. The employers should be thrown in jail. They are crimminal scum.
  4. Why is it only blue collar workers who should compete with the third world slave wages? why cant we have complete open boarders for white collar workers too. Let all those great cheap engineers, doctors, it workers and so get come and work hard and well for next to nothing. i mean an american doctor makes more than 100k a year, a thai one probably less then 10k.
  5. People who are for illegal immigration are 9 times out of ten little spoil upper-class brats. Illegal immigration is a cancer on society. It dumps wages, erodes the tax base and turns whole part of society to the black market. This is nothing but pure class warfare.
  6. looks like a bunch of wiggers. Just get rid of the name, its not yours, you come of as wankers. Sdk is a 20+ year old transit crew from france. And not a hobby freight crew.
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