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  1. V-clean for the throw And Ambitous for hand
  2. yeah that simple is hella clean
  3. just started listening to this band called pistol bitch http://www.myspace.com/pistolbitchrva
  4. so what happened to refuge? someone posted that name a while back, that still going on?
  5. snielsgreen for the throw 407Force for Bird
  6. Can never get enough of the zero boys. Listening to http://www.myspace.com/angryredplanetpunk
  7. Fuck that, who needs a day assigned to bombing. Go whenever you feel like it.
  8. ^^^NightStick Justice is amazing, never been to a dull show with them on the list.
  9. A Friend wanted me to post his stuff.
  10. Last one I'll post till I get this shit right.
  11. ^^^ Its suppose to say "Rot", like I said it needs a shit load of work.
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