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  1. I love the mentallity over there, notice how no body disses nobody, they just go higher.
  2. You're own name, full color i think it was...
  3. Just on the lefth arrow, it's not that bad to me...
  4. I getting confused... but anyway, here's mine... =)


    ¡Que maza viajar en el vagon furgon! Me parece que vi uno que otro panel tuyo cuando anduve por Buenos aires la ultima vez no pude sacar fotos por que estaba en cualquiera. jajaja Saludos!
  6. souds strange to me too, that's why i ask... I have internet just a few month ago in my home (i used public access computer before), so i'm catching up on all this strange thing & i'm just amazed of how really fuck up mad are some country's authoritys about graff I mean, c'mon, doesn't your cops have any real crime to fight?
  7. Ok, in some youtube videos & other stuff on the internet. I have seen the say that: "June 12, Go Bomb Day" (or something similar) I look over internet, magazines & stuff but I can find anithing abou it, does some one know something about this? Is this for real? Why is exactly that date? Does is had to do something whit IZ The Wiz? I'm curious, let me know! :huh:
  8. "If you are scared go buy a dog" You still have to deal with crime, some even more violent than ours, so whats so good about beeing so over controlled? I tell you, it really suck getting robbed, or beat up, but we are really more free people here. Also, every body hates cops/autority here, even your granmma will shout "FUCK THE POLICE!" here, i tell you men, i bet some of you guy can have the time of you're lives arrond here. :D
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