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  1. haze09


    My friend just told me drake is better than meek millz...hit this up and prove him wrong...If yuh dont kno who these ppl are then yuh have to look them up...they r both rappers fyi.....they're both nice as shit...its philly vs. toronto
  2. Re: things black people like buffy the body (LOOK HER UP) pussy not white gurls myspace meek millz kool aid ooo yeah
  3. i just said it feels like it burns
  4. why the fuck wuld yuh say some dumb shxt like that u fake as kid cudi???
  5. like mouth wash,,, its annoyin as fuck and it burns but its not hot,,,,,,,hold ice for a hour and you'll see
  6. came up wit that dumb ass line and was a waste of fuckn sperm (shittn on those beneath me)
  7. or when im pokn and strokn my gurl and her pussy farts,,,,AND SHE SAID EXCUSE ME
  8. when you all in her shxt and dont get to finnish
  9. what u need to do is come to philly,,,
  10. all i do is jizz in my paints and play it cool lol (basically i dont bitch)
  11. me my bic marker from europe that shxt is crazy,,,,my kiwi mop marker,,,,my bag o tricks,,,,a towel,,,,,a condom,,,,and sum pussy ( i actually do bring brass knuckles)
  12. how do you make your own stickers( and not that wheat paste shxt)
  13. When Gurls switch way to fuckn hard....its like they be ready to shit themselves...
  14. be careful DOT 3 burns like shit!!!!!!! (cold burning sensation) not cool
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