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  1. There's some fagget wannabe yankee fan sitting in front of me at the game and he's got a fucking golf tee in the back of his all white yankee cap. I took a flick on my phone ill call him out with after. Is this shit normal?
  2. From the title I assumed this thread would be full of half man half ape barbarians that look like they sleep on a truckstop bathroom countertop. Instead you give me this drivel? Fuck you.
  3. On my way down to the Yankees/Mariners game. Gonna miss yankee bp though which licks chode. Hopefully afraud starts.
  4. Naw, pretty sure that was the mexican wrestling mask gangbang you centered last night Shingleboy. Try washing yourself more regulary skid.
  5. This little hoe is asking how to get rid of pretty much the only color you can get rid of. I hate your fucking life you fagget.
  6. If there were such a place, I'd be the Mayor.
  7. Decent sentiment but wrong execution. You don't just "give" people in the hood cash. You set up vouchers to be used accordingly. Its not so much that there just supid and want video games over socks its the fact when you grow up like that, for the most part. Your comfortable like that, so anything else is bonus. Obviously its nice to have new socks, tees and whatnot. But if your used to living in a certain way, yer good. And also, poverty aint a black thing. Its a situational thing. Obviously in the states the majority of poverty is painted with a black face, but that's not the reason. The reason is the situation they were brought that snowballed into generations of subsequential failure. I'm from one of the shadiest areas of canada. Where blacks make up a demographic of probably less than 5%. And before you pass of the fact its "just" canada, give your head a shake. And no, I'm not gonna kindle another one of these stupid debates nor am I gonna drop the name of said city. Just remember, poverty is SITUATIONAL not racial. It just so happens that your country was built on opression to a certain minority. What the fuck you think was gonna happen?
  8. Oh, and that 411 on AfterSchoolSpetzel is pure gold. Gold like the urine dripping off a Max Hardcore video vixens face.
  9. Naw, you remember the name. There called 'Grown ass adults. Its just the way it is(speaking to the Ned's that pretend to disagree) Chicks go for older dudes, dudes go for younger chicks. As for Swindle, homie. Tap dat ass or forever regret your missed opportunities. The older you get, the less opportinity (in a respectable way) to get yourself these prime coming of age girls. Comes a point in time where, ya just can't do it no more. Trust me. I'm almost 30, I'm there. So 'Get er done homeboy. Yer young, have fun.
  10. :lol: I'm all for pounding young slice but 14!?!? While you was in college taking your nurse exam?!?? Hilarial.
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