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stink fist

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  1. ^^That's because Samuel Smith oatmeal takes a shit on Pauli girl's chest....(no homo?)
  2. Dogfish Head. 90 minute. IPA. Get it.
  3. stink fist


    Is that just a crazy angle or is that run up as retarded as it seems?
  4. Ugh I can't stand lambics or saisons. They taste like watered down champagne but somehow people hype the shit out of them. I just don't understand....plus who wants to drink a $10 or so bomber that tastes like kool-aid?
  5. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... All the beer stores being closed due to blizzard conditions. The fuck is that?
  6. Thanks. The old lmgtfy, unfortunately I was looking for a streaming one but I'll take the hint.
  7. Anybody got an online link to it?
  8. Holy sheet is terrible. Not worth the money at all.
  9. ^^You may have the most flawed logic out of anybody on this whole earth with that quoting-the-bible bullshit you're trying to pull.
  10. stink fist


    Is that the ponza? I have a brooks on one of my bikes that's pretty nice, still not broken in, and not weatherproof by any means. Had a rolls but that thing was super tough. Might have to go with the recommendation. Thanks.
  11. ^^I'm pretty sure that isn't any of your damn business if you weren't told directly. RIP
  12. stink fist


    Any saddle recommendations for a skinny guy? I need some more padding (n/h?)
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