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Everything posted by thatfoulkid

  1. damn that's leafy. lemme hit dat lemme inhale dat
  2. damn is that juarez? how old is that pic
  3. dont know if its been posted but fuck you gaiz im posting it anyway
  4. Finally someone does cheech wizard instead of that gay lizard
  5. shiieeet haven't heard that band in ages. Here's some Crudos-esque hardcore called ¡Libérate!: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=122041486 and an upload of their discog if anyone ends up diggin; them http://www.mediafire.com/?ztmizjjtxyy
  6. the intro of meanin corrupted fatigue sounds like some super nintendo shit
  7. I was thinking about buying some san pedro but I heard you need to take a shitload of it
  8. Personal experiences wif the plant?
  9. Now you're just being closeminded. lighten up brah
  10. I really wanna try the 2C family, they sound interesting. But I don't have good hook ups for psychedelics besides shrooms or anything. mostly coke and shit like that
  11. Tryptamines for the win dawgg. those 2C drug shit are expensive if you try looking for some online
  12. You guys are making me not want to try el chupanibre
  13. I didn't come here saying I'm omniscient on the damn drug, I have the limited information to know what I would be getting myself into [or not], and although sometimes lethal, I would still like to personally experience the devils weed. All these websites treat it like it's fucking concentrated evil in the form of a plant, it might as well be, that sure is the vibe I seem to be getting from the internetz. Also, I just can't seem to find a SPECIFIC concoction on how to make a simple tea, I'm guessing I just simmer them in boiling water, and as for asking a graffiti site, the more sources the better. To simply put it Why not?
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