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  1. so whos gonna go see amebix in 3 days
  2. Also, here's a video of a fastcore or whatever-the-fuck-you-wanna-call-it band called Idiots Parade, they have a female singer, pretty good.
  3. SAWN OFF..anyone? Here's a video of a band called GRIDE, they're kind of like hardcore+grind+spazzy thrash without any scene influences. Pretty br00tahl
  4. I've been researching the plant for a good while and would say I'm pretty knowledgeable on it. I'm not one to be using drugs for hedonistic purposes or just to get 'fucked up'. I think some good may come if I were to use this, but that's just me, I might end up in the middle of an intersection. Pretty unpredictable. But my attempts at looking to make a tea have been rather inconclusive. So I resort to the scoundrels at 40ozprophet.
  5. fuckk outta here with your fail bullshit I wanna make a tea not learn the effects of the goddamn plant
  6. From my experience, the effects of smoking it are very minimal compared to if you make it into a tea or make it into a paste and rub it on yourself.
  7. I like to call ghetto krink 'kronk'
  8. Does anyone know how to make a tea out of the plant without the use of any tea making devices, per se just using some water and a pan? Would I just need to simmer the leaves/flowers in water?
  9. riding too much cock is bad for the back you should lay off. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: skig-skag skank ass.
  10. danieeeeeeeeellle. Beastie Boys - che-check it out Utah in the beginning of the video, this is new to me.
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