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  1. hey hey ho ho the CPD has got to go
  2. The woman who carried you in her womb for your gestation period and later expelled you from her vagina has such an excess of adipose tissue that one could reap cardiovascular benefits simply from taking a brisk walk around her person.
  3. This is not from Chicago but its crazy as shit
  4. wats snm is taht like a brand of beer?
  5. This is exactly what feeds them to keep saying retarded funny shit, which most of you don't find funny. A response. They'll keep going as long as you acknowledge their existence. Can't believe no one has figured it out yet. Yall nigars is stupe
  6. http://5z8.info/titstitstitstits_u1n9p_stoleniphones
  7. i dont love ho's something something at yo skull
  8. amor de rey black and gold never fold, bishop crazy, satan disciple love all day errday, gd till the world blow, count crazy, AMOR DE BANDERA, saint worldk, black and beige on a rampage, DSYPO LUV DSYPO LUV DSYPO LUV AK BK CK DK EK FK GK HK IK RUN UP NIGARS SANTO AMBROSE LOVE BOAH, oh and also party people crazy never lazy and almight insane imperial gangsters run dis and the latin marijuana smokers run dis. gangstahz should kill moar cops instead of eachother we all know the cpd is the biggest gang in town. ASSEMBLE
  9. EN donde esta tu cultura pinche payaso.
  10. Me and my 20 dicks will gangbang your mom in front of you and you wouldn't say shit.
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