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  1. cope? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22IMUCyRFv8&list=ULKp2uZc2DIz8&playnext=1
  2. thenumberonebadguy...shit looks real nice...and bum wisc too.
  3. well shit..i guess ill go through my shit and see if i got a flick...it was a cake on the other side right?
  4. bump some small city kids..and you got a pic of that backwards coup next to that heist?
  5. bump unik, that 5star, and RIP AF42
  6. brisk, rapes, hawk, acero, exile..shits lookin good.
  7. haha unkle...bump levis and tusk.
  8. amuse126 and mole...thats what im talking about!
  9. bump big dark one and the whistle blower!
  10. dear kids, you were and are an inspiration...RIP.
  11. that second one is sick jamak...
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